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Hebei Fana CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

Hebei Fana CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D and manufacturing of CNC gantry boring and milling machines and gantry machining centers. For more than ten years, the company has been committed to the research and development of new CNC machine tools. It has a design, manufacturing, management and marketing team with superb technology and outstanding performance. It has accumulated a solid talent base and created excellent business performance.

The company always adheres to the talent-based management policy, and has established cooperative relationships with many domestic and foreign scientific research units and universities. It has a large number of technical and management personnel, and more than 70% of the personnel with professional technical titles, college degree or above. More than 90% of employees have been formed, and a research and development team led by experts in CNC machine tools has been formed to devote themselves to the research and development of CNC machine tools. At the same time, it has various advanced scientific research and testing equipment, and its manufacturing and processing capabilities are at the advanced level in the industry. Strong scientific research and development capabilities, advanced manufacturing technology, and scientific management mode are the guarantees for our company to provide customers with high-quality products.

The company is a member of China Machine Tool and Tool Industry Association and enjoys self-support import and export rights. It has gradually become one of the strong R&D and manufacturing bases in the industry. It is a mass production manufacturer of CNC machine tools in China, and its product sales steadily ranks in the forefront of the industry.

The company enjoys independent intellectual property rights and specializes in the production of CNC gantry milling machines and gantry machining centers. Its products have passed the inspection of the National Machine Tool Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The products produced by the company are widely used in the processing and manufacturing of large-scale molds such as automobiles and motorcycles, as well as military, petroleum, mining and other mechanical processing industries due to their strong rigidity, high precision, and good stability.


Ten years of focus, excellence, equip China, serve the world

"Honest and kindness, suffering a loss is a blessing" is the basic concept of Fana’s corporate culture construction. We actively build a platform for employees to realize their value in life, and create a safe and comfortable working and living environment for them. Fana’s employees are acting as masters and enthusiastic. To contribute his wisdom, youth and talents. We believe that only sincere internal cooperation can we achieve our common goals. Fana's continuous development not only comes from its advanced strategic vision and excellent market operation, but also from Fana's excellent corporate culture!


"Customer is God, quality is life, culture is connotation, creating a modern high-tech enterprise with advanced level" is the persistent pursuit of all FANA people. Fana, a company full of wisdom and vitality, and an enterprise that entrusts everyone with their dreams and enthusiasm, is striving for a higher, larger and farther goal!





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