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ZXAUTO Leads Homemade Influential Pickup Brands

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An approval of the State Council to set every May 10th as "Day of Chinese Brand" indicates the State's resolution to develop homemade brands and to strengthen their market competitiveness and voice. The setting of this day is to, on the one hand, hope that current influential homemade brands can serve as a brand leader to drive the influence of national brands, and on the other hand, to stimulate the consumer's confidence in homemade brands and tap consumption potential by building up the influence of these brands. Speaking of the influence of national pickup brands, it is a must to mention ZXAUTO, a pickup brand with 68-year manufacturing experience.
ZXAUTO, the Pioneer of Chinese Pickups, Has the Brand Heritage
A Chinese brand is a powerful brand with a higher influence, of which every countryman is proud. In 1986, ZXAUTO independently developed the first Chinese pickup with proprietary intellectual property rights. That year is thereby called by the industry "the first year of Chinese pickup era". So to speak, ZXAUTO is the pioneer of Chinese pickups. In the later several decades, ZXAUTO has always been the national pickup brand people discussed enthusiastically.

ZXAUTO, which is of the same age as our country, has also pushed forward and witnessed the development of homemade pickups - from several generations of prototypes before the birth of homemade pickups, to the first three-wheel lorry, to the later first four-wheel light-duty vehicle, to the final birth of the first homemade pickup. ZXAUTO's shadow can be seen during every product upgrading and technological breakthrough. So to speak, ZXAUTO has carried forward the Pickup spirit of several generations. The 68-year brand history and manufacturing experience have also earned the “pickup family" reputation for ZXAUTO.
ZXAUTO also has 26-year export experience while setting one export record after another. In 1996, its export to Iraq set off an export wave. In 2003, its export of 4,000 units in a single order created the "export per order for a single product" record. In 2009, it broke this record by exporting 6,000 units and thus became the No.1 vehicle export brand in China. 

Over the years, ZXAUTO has adhered to proprietary intellectual property rights all the time. With the expansion of export scale, it has finally realized the qualitative change from product export to technology export, which turns ZXAUTO into a new milestone in the export field of homemade pickups (and even vehicles). ZXAUTO really deserves the title "export expert". Speaking of national pickup brands, ZXAUTO is obviously the biggest topic and justifiably the most typical example of Chinese brand influence.
Technological Innovation Builds TerraLord into the Pickup-Upgrading Leadership
The brand leading Chinese brands towards a higher influence as a whole must be at the industrial top level and can seek constant self-transcendence and self-breakthrough. The reason why ZXAUTO, with a 68-year brand history, can stand firmly in the pickup wave as a long-time leader is its control over core technologies and constant technical innovation, which are most visibly reflected in the products. As the typical ZXAUTO product marching from mid-low end market to high-end market, TerraLord carries an Isuzu VM engine based on European technology, same as that of Herdsman jeep and proud of small noise and vibration and perfect handling performance. Its chassis is a genuine cross-country SUV design contributing to high-speed stability, small rolling and confident accelerated overtaking. Its body is a standard European E-NCAP4 design at the domestic highest safety level. In addition, its 360º three-dimensional parking, latest Bosch 9.1 ABS/EBD (standard configuration) and many other performance and configurations are on a par with those of a passenger car.

TerraLord is, one the one hand, a strategic product delivered by ZXAUTO's all-round technical upgrading and, on the other hand, a fruit borne in the general trend of consumption upgrading. However, it is justified through the above performance that this product is not just a simple trend follower, but a stimulator and leader of consumption upgrading.
Indeed, the setting of "Day of Chinese Brand" indicates the State's resolution to develop homemade brands. But the homemade brands shall go further to consider their responsibilities under the policy. The brands with a bigger influence shall serve as the leader to tackle key technical problems and strengthen their products, thus increasing the influence and consumption potential of homemade brands. The brands with a smaller influence shall pay more attention to their product development and brand strengthening under the policy, rising abruptly based on their accumulated strength to increase their influence.



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