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Travelling with Urban Ark | Mother’s Dream to Tibet Comes True

Number of visits: Date:2016-10-06

It is a good season to visit Tibet in September’s Golden Autumn, and I have just retired with a lot of spare time. Whereby I can have a tryout with my C3 which I have bought in July with total mileage less than 600 Km. After the decision was made, I turned to my mother for her opinions. She was very happy and told me :“Let’s go while I can move now and I shall have no chance later when I can’t move.”My mother is 84 years old but she is very healthy. She can make the trip if only we make a good preparation.
After conquering the altitude stress, we arrived in Lhasa Tibet and my mother has realized her dream. My Urban Ark had a good performance in the journey:solid chassis , stable driving , good passing ability and conquered low temperature and high altitude , large space and comfort feeling .
Total journey︰ 7895km
Total fuel consumption︰ 4005 liter, 5.07liter/100km

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