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Time of issue:2022-08-22 09:12:01

Terralord AT 4WD Diesel Pickup




Supreme luxury





Drive Mode


Chassis Equipment



Aluminum Alloy Wheel





Spare Tyre (Aluminum)

Four-wheel Disc Brake

Adjustable Steering Column

Hydraulic Power Steering

Electric Fan

Active & Passive Safety

No-key Start

One Button Start


Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Traction Control (TCS/ASR)

Emergency Brake Assist (EBA/BAS)

Hill-start Assist Control

Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)

Rear Axle Differential Lock




Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)


Rear Parking Radar

Rear View Camera


360°Panoramic Images




Airbag-front Passenger



Side Airbag



Speed Limit Reminder

Ajustable seat belt-Driver

Ajustable seat belt-Front Passenger

Collision Auto Unlocking Function

Rear Door Child Lock

Tamper evident device

Remote Central Lock

Smart Key (2)

Engine Anti-theft System

Car Seeking Function

Open Door Warning System

Interior Equipment

Leather Steering Wheel


Multifunctional Steering Wheel

Intergrated Instrumental Display

Drive Mode: Normal / Snow / Sport

Cruise Control System

12V Emergency Power Supply

USB Interface (4)

Cigarette Lighter / Ashtray

Bluetooth / Hands-free Handphone

GPS/Mobile Internet


MP5 Large Screen

8 inche

9 inche

9 inche

Leather Wrapped Center Console

Sunshade with Cosmetic Mirror


Reading Light / Spectcle Case


Manual Anti-Daze Rearview Mirror



Electronic Air-conditioner

Ajustable Interior Air+ Pollen Filtering

Seat Material




Electric Front Seat-heating


6-Way Manually Adjustable-Driver Seat



10-Way Electrically Adjustable-Driver Seat


4-Way Manually Adjustable Front Passenger Seat

Front Row Central Armrest

Second Row Seat Folding

Appearance Equipment

Electric Adjustment Side Mirror

Foldable Side Mirror



Side Mirror Defroster



Power Window

Power Window with Anti-Pinch Function (Driver Door)

Rear Window Defroster



Wheel Eyebrow

Pedal Step

Rear Bumper





Painted Cargo Bedliner


Shaped Cargo Bedliner(Thai Style)



Stainless Steel Rail of Cargo

Rear Cargo Cover

Exterior Rope Hook

Boneless Wiper

Rain-Sensor Wiper

Metallic Paint

Lighting Equipment

Daytime Running Lights

Adjustable Head-Lamp

Auto Head Lamp


Front Fog Lamp

High Level Brake Lights


Side Mirror with Display Lighting




 Crossing the Ulan Buh, the ZXAUTO TerraLord Is Aflame with a Cross-Country Heart


Crossing the Ulan Buh, the ZXAUTO TerraLord Is Aflame with a Cross-Country Heart

Conquering the desert is an ultimate dream of every car owner. Racing at full speed under poor road conditions and sweating through an extremely hot environment is, all without exception, demonstrating the humans’ great ambition to conquer the Nature and to challenge them. On April 30, the third "China Caravan Alliance Summit" was inaugurated in the Ulan Buh Desert amid an activity of crossing the Desert. Although this Summit is governed by SUV owners, ZXAUTO TerraLord, a home-made high-end pick, also successfully crossed the Desert during the Summit and won numerous praises.   The TerraLord succeeding in crossing the Ulan Buh Desert this time is owned by Wang Xiaocheng from Dingzhou, Hebei, who has started a business by himself with a small success. He bought the TerraLord this February. Through just two months' operation and running-in, he has made such a magnificent feat at the beginning of this May. The fact that ZXAUTO TerraLord can challenge such a hostile environment without any modification proves that this vehicle performs very well in dynamics, controllability in an extreme environment, stability as well as trafficability on a complex road, while showing Wang Xiaocheng's full confidence in this vehicle.   Speaking of this successful crossing, Wang Xiaocheng said he must mention three points, two of which were concerned with this vehicle. First, ZXAUTO TerraLord has a chassis higher than that of an ordinary pickup and a maximum ground clearance of 220 mm so that it is a cinch for the vehicle to cross either a low-lying pit in the desert or a muddy road after rain. The second point is power. This Summit is actually the stage of Herdsman, whose engine coincides with that of ZXAUTO TerraLord, namely Isuzu VM engine with the maximum power of 136 Hp and the maximum torque of 340 Nm. This power is simply "a waste" for daily urban traffic, so he, as a man addicted to driving, chose to challenge the desert. Indeed, the TerraLord didn't let him down. The third point is the capability of coping with an extreme environment. Since he is a dedicated professional cross-country fan, his experience helps him drive the TerraLord through the challenging desert successfully.   Yes, conquering Ulan Buh is by no means Wang Xiaocheng's first “extreme challenge”. Before this, he participated in some formal and amateurish cross-country events such as “Cross-country Challenge in Xiong'an New Area". It is thus clear that, using ZXAUTO TerraLord for a cross-country challenge is not because he is seized by a sudden urge, but because he really wants to play - even more freely. In fact, Wang Xiaocheng's case reflects the change in consumption mindset among current pickup buyers. As the overall performance and quality of pickups improves, pickup is no longer just for simple trucking, but for real "playing" and "affording to play", which is more important for these consumers and is obviously available from the TerraLord.   The lifting of Pickup ban prevails. This gives the potential users desiring pickups but flinching before the ban a momentum to buy a pickup. Their purchasing behavior has also contributed to a slow and quiet change in pickup consumption intention - from commercial trucking to cross-country driving and travelling. In the near future, Chinese pickup culture will also be driven by these "playing" owners to take shape and branded with China's unique characteristics.

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Business and Home Use

Vehicle dimension superior to competitive product at the same level
The largest rear cargo bed volume in the same level products
Enjoy Internal Driving Space
Become SUV provided being capped with canopy
Adjustable angle of rear seats

Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring

Capthating rature, Flegance with rofine coqutsito and fatian
Detais reflect eaquihite derign Hardcore mrthetics by incthes


High traffic-ability, large laden capacity


Professional high-performance off-road chassis with the highest off-road category

Synchronous development with international standard,assured warranty of 5 years 150,000kilometers

Widened and thickened frame, precise steering system

Considerate protection and grade enhancement


First manufacturer with ESC/TCS standard configuration in all series

EBA brake assist, HAC hill-start assist control

Expansion on pickup safety features dynamic with considerate safety design!


Enjoy Luxury 

5-in-1 Vehicle A/V System, Smart Auto Computer (10-item information displayed) and tire pressure and temperature monitoring.

Feeling sporty and fashionable

· 9’MP5, integrating navigation/communication/entertainment/tire pressure monitoring/full-view parking

· Intelligent driving computer, obtaining vehicle information anytime and anywhere


Smart Cockpit

· Instant fuel consumption/single-way fuel consumption/accumulated long mileage fuel consumption
· Prompt on endurance mileage of residual fuel 
· Indoor and outdoor temperature/Clock and driving time
· Dashboard backlight adjustment
· 4-door independent switch prompt


Partition Instrument Display, small 4-spoke steering wheel and 8’’ Central Control Screen, feeling sporty and fashionable,


Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring


Real time detect tire pressure and temperature, easily master real-time status of tires and provide best guarantee for safe driving

Pre-cash Seatbelt

Both sides of front row and rear row adopt pre-tighten 3-point configuration and middle rear seat of 2-point configuration. 


Vehicle Collision Automatic Unlocking Function 

Upon collision, control system will automatically switch to self-saving mode, lock will be opened automatically so as to help driver and passengers to get away from the accident vehicle 

Anti-dazzle Rearview Mirror

Upon night driving, anti-dazzle rearview mirror may weaken reflection of strong light, making easier to observe the rear conditions. 


Exterior Rearview Mirror and Rear Window Heating Function 

Electric Heating Rearview Mirror and Rear Window Electric Heating and demist Functions 


Volumes of driver airbag and passenger airbag are 60 liters and 100 liters respectively, which will be popped up on front impact with vehicle speed of 24km/h, to instantaneously protect driver’s and passenger’s head and breast and minimize damage to them. 


4-door independent switch prompt

9’MP5, integrating navigation/communication/entertainment/tire pressure monitoring/full-view parking

Dashboard backlight adjustment

Intelligent driving computer, obtaining vehicle information anytime and anywhere


Front Camera

Adopt multichannel video image with 4 wide-angle cameras, superwide-angle seamless joint, intelligent turning of reverse camera, making parking more easily and relax. 

Rear Camera

Adopt multichannel video image with 4 wide-angle cameras, superwide-angle seamless joint, intelligent turning of reverse camera, making parking more easily and relax. 


Two-side Camera

Adopt multichannel video image with 4 wide-angle cameras, superwide-angle seamless joint, intelligent turning of reverse camera, making parking more easily and relax.