ZXAUTO Terralord Pickup, High Performance Off-Road Pickup


The launching of fully upgraded Terralord with automatic transmission and high off-road performance has spearheaded the high-end pickups segment to a new level.


Off-Road Chassis

Off-Road Chassis

Off-Road Chassis

Dynamic Power

Off-Road Chassis

Considerate Safety

Off-Road Chassis

High-End Technology

High traffic-ability, large laden capacity

Professional high-performance off-road chassis with the highest off-road category

Synchronous development with international standard,assured warranty of 5 years 150,000kilometers

Widened and thickened frame, precise steering system

Snowfield, sports, ordinary operating modes, easily switchable

Eton differential lock equipped for a better off-road de-trapping capability

Up hill driving as easily as driving on flat grounds.

High starting acceleration, low torque and strong power

Equipped with the most advanced 2.5T ISUZU diesel engine

Low speed large torque in enabling an instant powerful burst

French PUNCH Powerglide 6AT Gearbox enables you to drive in different regions with different road conditions.

Considerate protection and grade enhancement

First manufacturer with ESC/TCS standard configuration in all series

EBA brake assist, HAC hill-start assist control

Expansion on pickup safety features dynamic with considerate safety design!

High-end ergonomic designs, exhibiting exquisitenes

The first domestic pickup with a suspension LCD screen, greatly enhancing entertainment and interactivity

10-way electric seat heater with lumbar support

PEPS keyless entry, start/stop function, EPB electronic automatic handbrake

Every moment is wonderful

No matter how time brings great changes to the world, what remains is our persistent pursuit of originality.
Here, we capture the aesthetic moment and appreciate every detail of Terralord.

 Drive Terralord to uphold your desire lifestyle


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