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FlEET Sales Introdution

FlEET Sales Introdution

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Outstanding achievements in Libya

ZXAUTO overseas market consistent sales growth is based on its products, export strategic, etc. Achieving the domestic brand leader status in international market sales.

In 2009, ZXAUTO exported 6000 GrandTiger pickups to Libya.
It was a new record for single batch export following the 4,000 units export to the same country in 2003. Rank top one in one batch export in China. Total Market maintenance exceed 20,000 units.

Export Sales Record Achievement-Venezuela

3000 units GrandTiger exported to Venezuela in 2012. 2000 units GrandTiger exported to Venezuela in 2013. 300 units GrandTiger exported to Venezuela for Construction Department in 2014. Venezuela Commercial Counselor participated in the delivery ceremony at the port.

Export Sales Record Achievement-Iraq

In 2012:3000 GrandTiger G3 pickups
exported to Iraq.
In 2013: Export sales order for 1000 Grandtiger TUV pickups.

Kenya Presidential Election In 2012

Nigeria Police & Military Pick up

Grand tiger Pickups are greatly favored by Nigeria police ministry and army.

Military Pick up for Syria

200 unit military pick up export to Syria in 2010

Fleet Order of Police Pick up export to Myanmar 

245 unit police pick up export to Myanmar in 2015.

Fleet Order of Police Pick up export to Myanmar

Special design for police pick up, such as “POLICE” logo, Police LED light bar, Police mobile radio, police body Color, etc.

ZXAUTO In Zambia-For Road Traffic Patrol in 2009

Fleet Order of Police SUV

Used as crime investigation vehicles, 114 units of Landmark were delivered to the Public Security Department of Hebei Province, China In 2011 Police SUV Deliver to Chiese Government

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