Off-road chassis, high traffic-ability, high laden capacity

The model can be used as an off-road vehicle on off-road roads and as an SUV in cities and expressways.


Strong ability to across bumpy roads, strong off-road performance

The upper and lower swing arms of the front suspension have width up to 259mmand430mmrespectively,and the distance between the upper and lower swing arms is 458mm, which can ensure the off-road traffic-ability and stability;
The thickened stabilizer bar has a diameter of 30mm which can enhance the lateral stability of the left and right wheels on bumpy roads, maintaining the balance of the vehicle body and ensuring the comfort of both driving and riding.

More professional widened and thickened off-road chassis

The widened and thickened frame is reinforced. The key part of the girder has a cross section of 155MM;
2-longitudinal and 7-horizontal tapered trapezoidal frame with segmental energy absorbing and local reinforcement functions is more solid and stronger in load bearing.


Strong impact resistance and good safety

Low lateral inclination when turning at high speed and a strong sense of integral assembling;
Strong ability to cross bumpy roads, easy driving on roads with complex road conditions;
Stable chassis, and accurate orientation.

Comparison of measured chassis performances

Professional, dedicated, honored

Champion in the Manufacturer Group of 2018 Urat Off-countryRally
Second place in the Diesel Manufacturer Group of 2017 COC Huairou Station
First place in the Diesel Manufacturer Group of 2017 COC Dazhai Station
"First place in the Diese lManufacturer Group" / "Best Manufacturer Team Award" of 2017 North Asia Rally
Champion of the Diesel Manufacturer Group / First place in the Diesel Manufacturer Group Cup of 2017 COC Qinglong Station

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