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Zhongxing Automobile Co., Ltd.(ZXAUTO) was founded in 1949. Over the past 70 years,  ZXAUTO created many firsts in China pick up history. It is the first Chinese pickup truck manufacturer, the earliest pickup truck exporter in China, build first KD factory in overseas among Chinese auto brands......



 Crossing the Ulan Buh, the ZXAUTO TerraLord Is Aflame with a Cross-Country Heart


Crossing the Ulan Buh, the ZXAUTO TerraLord Is Aflame with a Cross-Country Heart

Conquering the desert is an ultimate dream of every car owner. Racing at full speed under poor road conditions and sweating through an extremely hot environment is, all without exception, demonstrating the humans’ great ambition to conquer the Nature and to challenge them. On April 30, the third "China Caravan Alliance Summit" was inaugurated in the Ulan Buh Desert amid an activity of crossing the Desert. Although this Summit is governed by SUV owners, ZXAUTO TerraLord, a home-made high-end pick, also successfully crossed the Desert during the Summit and won numerous praises.   The TerraLord succeeding in crossing the Ulan Buh Desert this time is owned by Wang Xiaocheng from Dingzhou, Hebei, who has started a business by himself with a small success. He bought the TerraLord this February. Through just two months' operation and running-in, he has made such a magnificent feat at the beginning of this May. The fact that ZXAUTO TerraLord can challenge such a hostile environment without any modification proves that this vehicle performs very well in dynamics, controllability in an extreme environment, stability as well as trafficability on a complex road, while showing Wang Xiaocheng's full confidence in this vehicle.   Speaking of this successful crossing, Wang Xiaocheng said he must mention three points, two of which were concerned with this vehicle. First, ZXAUTO TerraLord has a chassis higher than that of an ordinary pickup and a maximum ground clearance of 220 mm so that it is a cinch for the vehicle to cross either a low-lying pit in the desert or a muddy road after rain. The second point is power. This Summit is actually the stage of Herdsman, whose engine coincides with that of ZXAUTO TerraLord, namely Isuzu VM engine with the maximum power of 136 Hp and the maximum torque of 340 Nm. This power is simply "a waste" for daily urban traffic, so he, as a man addicted to driving, chose to challenge the desert. Indeed, the TerraLord didn't let him down. The third point is the capability of coping with an extreme environment. Since he is a dedicated professional cross-country fan, his experience helps him drive the TerraLord through the challenging desert successfully.   Yes, conquering Ulan Buh is by no means Wang Xiaocheng's first “extreme challenge”. Before this, he participated in some formal and amateurish cross-country events such as “Cross-country Challenge in Xiong'an New Area". It is thus clear that, using ZXAUTO TerraLord for a cross-country challenge is not because he is seized by a sudden urge, but because he really wants to play - even more freely. In fact, Wang Xiaocheng's case reflects the change in consumption mindset among current pickup buyers. As the overall performance and quality of pickups improves, pickup is no longer just for simple trucking, but for real "playing" and "affording to play", which is more important for these consumers and is obviously available from the TerraLord.   The lifting of Pickup ban prevails. This gives the potential users desiring pickups but flinching before the ban a momentum to buy a pickup. Their purchasing behavior has also contributed to a slow and quiet change in pickup consumption intention - from commercial trucking to cross-country driving and travelling. In the near future, Chinese pickup culture will also be driven by these "playing" owners to take shape and branded with China's unique characteristics.


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