The Press Shop

Here we have three lines consisting of equipment manufactured by the American companies VEESON and BLISS that take the rolls of steel and press out the vehicle body and frame parts.


The Welding Shop

Here the pressed vehicle parts are assembled and welded together. Our welds are computer controlled, assuring consistency, accuracy and quality.


Building area 15,015 sq.m. Consisting of three main welding lines and five sub-welding lines.

The Painting Shop

In this shop we utilize the technique of Anion Electrophoretic Priming, which allows for our paint to undergo the Salt-Fog test in excess of 1000 hrs. (the international standard is 800 hours)


Building area 13,927 sq.m. Three lines consist of pretreatment,ED primer and finishing coats.


The Assembly Shop

Our wide variety of vehicles are assembled here. Included within this line is our final check for quality and our water testing facility. Production capacity is 20,000 units / shift / annum. This shop, as our other shops and working enviroments, are computer controlled allowing us to maintain exacting control over all our products.


Building area 14,680 sq.m. Three lines consist of vehicle trim,chassis and final assembly/testing.