125 Units of ZXAUTO TERRALORD Pickup Trucks Shipped to Ecuador to "join the police"

Release Time:

Apr 28,2023

ZXAUTO Police Pickup

As the enw eyar begins, it’s time for a fresh start. ZXAUTO kicks off the year of 2023 with an all-round victory when 125 TERRALORD pickup trucks were departed from Shanghai Port and ship to Ecuador on the other side of the Pacific Ocean on January 13. Once they arrive,the vehicles will be uniformly painted and equipped with police equipment locally, and will immediately begin their career in the country's police "service".

Ecuador is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Amazon Basin to the east. The Andes mountain range with the highest point of more than 6,000 meters runs through the country. With such diverse geography and climate, the local civilian market already has extremely high requirements on the quality of automobiles, and the product procurement standards for police work vehicles are naturally more stringent-----Crossing plateaus, mountainous unpaved roads, and dealing with rain and snow environments, they must have excellent reliability.

TERRALORD is a upper-medium-level multipurpose model built upon ZXAUTO’s powerful R&D strength and credible supplier system. Inheriting the quality of military vehicles, this model is an all-weather truck that can withstand various complex weather and road conditions. Building on this model, ZXAUTO has also developed a multipurpose emergency vehicle and won the bid by China’s Ministry of Emergency Management for such vehicles and delivered more than 300 units in bulk. Designed with the characteristics of emergency vehicles in mind, the multipurpose emergency vehicle model features a modular design and is equipped with practical rescue devices such as drawers, the front power winch, and a high-performance towbar. It can help firefighters tackle common rescue challenges, greatly enhancing the emergency support level of organizations and individuals who use the vehicle.

Since its entry into the Ecuador market, TERRALORD has demonstrated excellent off-road performance, load-bearing capacity, durability, and mobility, in particular, reliability in harsh environments. The vehicle has successfully passed the strict tests of the local market and use scenarios, has won the quality reputation praised by Ecuadorian users, and has successfully entered the procurement list of police vehicles.


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