ZXAUTO Exports the First 100 Pickups to Kazakhstan under BRI

Release Time:

Apr 12,2024

ZXAUTO recently announced the export of the first 100 pickups to Kazakhstan.

ZXAUTO recently announced the export of the first 100 pickups to Kazakhstan. The export of ZXAUTO pickups to Central Asia marks a new starting point in the local market, further accelerates the globalization of ZXAUTO, and promotes Chinese products to go global.

The cooperation between ZXAUTO and Shanghai Ace Investment & Development Co., Ltd. began in May 2023. During this period, the two companies cooperated closely and jointly discussed ZXAUTO's export to Kazakhstan. They overcame various difficulties in the export process and facilitated ZXAUTO's export to Kazakhstan. In July 2023, two ZXAUTO prototypes arrived in Kazakhstan and OTTC certification began. After rigorous testing and evaluation, ZXAUTO pickups passed the OTTC certification at the end of March 2024. OTTC is a certification system for vehicles developed by the Customs Union that requires all vehicles imported into Kazakhstan to comply with its technical standards and regulations before entering its market.

Kazakhstan is a country with vast territory and diverse environments, thus raising extremely high requirements for vehicle quality. With its excellent adaptability and functionality, ZXAUTO pickups have shown strong competitiveness in the Kazakhstan market. They provide comfortable riding space and sufficient load capacity for families and meet various needs in commercial use.

Among them, ZXAUTO Grandlion, as a high-performance full-size off-road pickup of ZXAUTO, has attracted wide attention in the Kazakhstan market with its future-oriented technology and excellent off-road capability. This model can withstand severe cold and heat in all terrain conditions from plateaus to mountains, plains and deserts. In pursuit of perfection in details, ZXAUTO has taken various tests and verification in different countries and regions to adapt to local environments and meet the needs of local customers.

The export of the first 100 vehicles has opened a new chapter for ZXAUTO in the international market and laid a solid foundation for its future development. In the future, ZXAUTO will work with its partners in Central Asia to explore a broader space for development. As always, ZXAUTO will put user experience in the first place, redouble efforts in research and development, improve product quality and performance, and make greater contributions to the sustainable development of local economy. ZXAUTO will also actively expand overseas markets and seek more cooperation opportunities to accelerate its internationalization.


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