The Best in Its Class - ZxautoGrandlion

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Apr 19,2024

ZXautoGrandlion, an Exquisite Choice of Honor.ZXautoGrandlion, an Excellent Choice of Outstanding Quality.ZXautoGrandlion, the Pinnacle of Handling Excellence.

Among pickups in the same price range, ZXautoGrandlion stands out with its impressive body size, revealing a more spectacular silhouette. As your family and friends step into ZXautoGrandlion, they will be stunned by its spacious space comparable to that of a large SUV. Every trip is the perfect embodiment of a prestigious status.

It is unbelievable that this model, which costs less than RMB 200,000, is equipped with a chassis featuring a double-wishbone independent suspension structure made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. This not only reaches the level of high-end SUVs, but also rivals the structure of professionally modified off-road vehicles. With a thickened longitudinal beam measuring 15.5 cm * 9 cm (with a thickness of 3.5 mm), transporting 1t of cargo becomes effortless.

ZXautoGrandlion boasts the widest front and rear wheel track (1730 mm) and wheelbase (3513 mm) among domestic pickups, and comes standard with 285 AT tires. The chassis has been meticulously tuned by Prodrive, the world's top professional racing team, and performs exceptionally well. Whether in high-speed turns or acceleration, confidence abounds, and the driving comfort has also been significantly improved. Handling continuous sharp turns and high-speed lane changes at 50 km/h is a breeze. This is a level of handling performance unmatched by other pickups in the same class. Are you ready to experience such driving pleasure?

Although ZXautoGrandlion has a large body, its combined fuel consumption is only 8.1 liters. This is due to its ultra-lightweight body design and the use of the same diesel engine as that of the imported Mercedes-Benz X Series pickup. Coupled with the wide and thickened chassis comparable to that of Ford F150, after meticulous tuning by the world-renowned diesel high-pressure common rail tuning institution, Aston Martin's professional team (joint calibration by Delphi), the driving experience becomes more comfortable. In the current trend of downscaled features, ZXautoGrandlion is undoubtedly a model full of integrity.


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