ZXAUTO: Racing Across the Globe, Crafting a Legend!

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May 20,2024

In today's booming pickup market, Zxauto consistently maintains a leading position. Its chassis design is unique.

Zxauto, a pioneer in China's light-duty commercial and passenger vehicle industry, is not only the cradle for domestic brands of pickups and SUVs, but also the forerunner of mass vehicle exports in the country. It proudly ranks among the first batch of national automotive vehicle export base enterprises. With a global presence in over 90 countries and regions, Zxauto has notably established 8 overseas KD factories, cementing its status as one of the most impactful Chinese automotive brands on the international stage.

Every Zxauto product, from the stages of research and development to market release, undergoes the most stringent test and inspection processes imaginable. These vehicles must not only maneuver effortlessly through a variety of complex terrains including snow, mountains, mud, sand, plateaus, water crossings, and marshes but also exhibit remarkable adaptability in extreme conditions like high temperatures, extreme cold, and high altitudes.

With its outstanding platform design, powerful performance, stable chassis structure, and spacious interior, Zxauto has successfully met the diverse demands of both commercial and passenger markets. Its product line covers full-size top pickup Zxauto Grandlion, high-end off-road pickup Zxauto Terralord and economical pickup Zxauto Tiger, each meticulously designed based on variations in off-road scenarios and offering multiple power options such as 2.3T diesel and 2.8T diesel engines. In particular, the Zxauto Grandlion equipped with a 2.3T international diesel engine competes with pickup trucks of international brands such as Ford Raptor and Toyota Tundra. Featuring low speed and high torque capabilities, this engine can achieve peak torque at merely 1,500 RPM. Such performance is not only at the forefront within China but also meets international advanced standards, ensuring comprehensive power coverage. In addition, Zxauto is equipped with a special ZF 8AT transmission for off-road use to bring smoother driving experience to drivers.

In today's booming pickup market, Zxauto consistently maintains a leading position. Its chassis design is unique. The passenger models feature a double-wishbone independent front suspension, offering excellent handling and stability, while the rear suspension combines a five-link setup with an integral axle to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. The commercial versions maintain consistency in the front suspension design, while the rear suspension features a combination of leaf springs and an integral axle to tackle heavy loads and challenging road conditions.

Zxauto's global expansion is rapidly gaining momentum, with models like the Zxauto Grandlion and 1986 earning high acclaim in overseas markets. Looking ahead, Zxauto plans to further its globalization strategy by introducing a variety of new models worldwide. Dedication breeds professionalism. Zxauto is at the forefront of reshaping the global off-road vehicle market, showcasing to the world the infinite charm of Chinese off-road pickup trucks!


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