Zxauto pickups export advantages of Iran

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Jun 06,2024

The Iranian Plateau has a high altitude, which requires high performance for vehicle engine cold start.

The Iranian Plateau has a high altitude, which requires high performance for vehicle engine cold start. The Zxauto Grandlion pickup truck has a high-performance engine that can adapt well to high-altitude environments, reducing vehicle failures caused by the environment and increasing reliability of use. Secondly, compared with other brands of pickup trucks, the Zxauto Grandlion has certain advantages in price, and its durability and maintenance cost are relatively lower, making it an economical choice for Iranians.

There are many dry basins and deserts in the central part of Iran, and the all-terrain off-road tires and front suspension travel design of the Zxauto Grandlion pickup truck make it capable of superior off-road performance in deserts and other complex terrains. This is a big attraction for people who enjoy off-road activities. The Zxauto Grandlion comes standard with 285 all-terrain off-road tires, which allow it to perform well in various complex road conditions. Whether it is a humid rainforest, rugged mountain roads, dry deserts and gobi, these tires provide sufficient traction and stability to ensure a smooth ride in complex terrains. Secondly, the front suspension travel of the Zxauto Grandlion is 57.5 cm, providing great convenience for desert off-roading. In desert terrain, vehicles need sufficient suspension travel to cope with the undulations and uneven surfaces of sand dunes. The front suspension design of the Zxauto Grandlion ensures that the vehicle remains stable and comfortable during desert driving, providing a better off-road experience for the driver. Additionally, Iran's terrain is rugged and complex, and it is a major test for the vehicle's chassis load-bearing capacity and trafficability. The ground clearance of the Zxauto Grandlion is 240 millimeters, and the maximum water depth is 850 millimeters, which ensures the vehicle's trafficability and safety. Meanwhile, the widened and thicker frame also enhances the vehicle's load-bearing capacity and structural strength, making it suitable for both cargo transportation and off-road driving.

Iran has vast territory, and many areas have relatively poor transportation. The Zxauto pickup truck, as a versatile vehicle, is suitable for both daily transportation and complex terrain, providing a more convenient means of transportation for local people. The popularity of Zxauto pickup trucks in Iran not only increased the local demand for cars but also stimulated the development of related industries such as auto parts and repair services, creating more job opportunities and economic income for the local community and promoting employment and economic development.


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Zxauto pickups export advantages of Iran

The Iranian Plateau has a high altitude, which requires high performance for vehicle engine cold start.

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