Peru Autoshow - ZXAUTO GrandTiger TUV Pickup and Compact SUV C3

Peru Autoshow - ZXAUTO GrandTiger TUV Pickup and Compact SUV C3.In November 20, 2014, the biennial Peru Auto-show was held in Jockey Exhibition Center, Lima. The traditional Peru Auto-show has always been a strong influence in Peru as well as in Latin America, and this year the auto-show had attracted more than 40 global auto-makers. The auto-show lasted from November 20 to November 30. This auto-show mainly targeted end-users and mainstream media, and could carry out on the spot purchase transactions.   In this auto-show, ZXAUTO collaborated with local distributor, DIM Autos Peru S.A.C. in launching the brand new GrandTiger pickup and compact SUV C3, competing with other international well-known auto-makers on the same platform. This is the first time ZXAUTO participate the Peru Auto-show, both products received favourable recognition from the Peruvian consumers. The bright red theme booth design was eye-catching and had brought exuberant popularity for ZXAUTO and DIM. This event also marked the ZXAUTO success in entering the Peruvian auto market, establishing ZXAUTO brand image and the stepping stone for sales increment.   The requirements for auto-makers to participate in the Peru Auto-show is very demanding, auto-makers who has not sold any vehicles in Peru for 2 full years are not permitted to participate. But in this year auto-show, ZXAUTO local distributor through its PR capability and active operations, achieved an exhibition spot and qualification for ZXAUTO products just two weeks before the start of the auto-show. Such efforts and contributions by the local distributor were enormous for ZXAUTO.   ZXAUTO and DIM Autos Peru S.A.C. (Peru distributor for ZXAUTO) cemented the cooperation in May 2015. The first order batch arrived in the distributor showroom September 18. During the trial sales period, DIM Autos actively promote ZXAUTO GrandTiger and C3 in the mainstream media, promoting ZXAUTO brand awareness to end-users at the shortest time.   With ZXAUTO success in entering the Peruvian market and the brand new launching in the Lima auto-show, DIM Autos is very optimistic on ZXAUTO performance in the near future. At the same time, with more products being introduced into the Peruvian market, it will help ZXAUTO in seizing more market share in the local market segment.
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