ZXAUTO Grandlion Launched at Autoshow Guayaquil, Ecuador

As China's first full-size pickup, ZXAUTO Grandlion has gone down incredibly well with Chinese customers as soon as it was unveiled. Lately, this new arrival was launched at Autoshow Guayaquil, a popular auto event held in one of the largest cities in Ecuador. This launch marks not only its debut in the Americas, but also the start of its global rollout as a part of ZXAUTO's ambition to continue its success in car exports.
25 2022/11

ZXAUTO Terralord Sparks Peru Fan Mania

 In mid-October, ZXAUTO held a Peru launch event of ZXAUTO Terralord in Lima, the capital of Peru. After showing local consumers the pioneering strength of China's automobiles, the model immediately received a lot of praise, and was praised by local car enthusiasts who concerned about it for a long time as "the perfect model for Peru users".
01 2022/12

Crossing the Ulan Buh, the ZXAUTO TerraLord Is Aflame with a Cross-Country Heart

Conquering the desert is an ultimate dream of every car owner. Racing at full speed under poor road conditions and sweating through an extremely hot environment is, all without exception, demonstrating the humans’ great ambition to conquer the Nature and to challenge them. On April 30, the third "China Caravan Alliance Summit" was inaugurated in the Ulan Buh Desert amid an activity of crossing the Desert. Although this Summit is governed by SUV owners, ZXAUTO TerraLord, a home-made high-end pick, also successfully crossed the Desert during the Summit and won numerous praises.   The TerraLord succeeding in crossing the Ulan Buh Desert this time is owned by Wang Xiaocheng from Dingzhou, Hebei, who has started a business by himself with a small success. He bought the TerraLord this February. Through just two months' operation and running-in, he has made such a magnificent feat at the beginning of this May. The fact that ZXAUTO TerraLord can challenge such a hostile environment without any modification proves that this vehicle performs very well in dynamics, controllability in an extreme environment, stability as well as trafficability on a complex road, while showing Wang Xiaocheng's full confidence in this vehicle.   Speaking of this successful crossing, Wang Xiaocheng said he must mention three points, two of which were concerned with this vehicle. First, ZXAUTO TerraLord has a chassis higher than that of an ordinary pickup and a maximum ground clearance of 220 mm so that it is a cinch for the vehicle to cross either a low-lying pit in the desert or a muddy road after rain. The second point is power. This Summit is actually the stage of Herdsman, whose engine coincides with that of ZXAUTO TerraLord, namely Isuzu VM engine with the maximum power of 136 Hp and the maximum torque of 340 Nm. This power is simply "a waste" for daily urban traffic, so he, as a man addicted to driving, chose to challenge the desert. Indeed, the TerraLord didn't let him down. The third point is the capability of coping with an extreme environment. Since he is a dedicated professional cross-country fan, his experience helps him drive the TerraLord through the challenging desert successfully.   Yes, conquering Ulan Buh is by no means Wang Xiaocheng's first “extreme challenge”. Before this, he participated in some formal and amateurish cross-country events such as “Cross-country Challenge in Xiong'an New Area". It is thus clear that, using ZXAUTO TerraLord for a cross-country challenge is not because he is seized by a sudden urge, but because he really wants to play - even more freely. In fact, Wang Xiaocheng's case reflects the change in consumption mindset among current pickup buyers. As the overall performance and quality of pickups improves, pickup is no longer just for simple trucking, but for real "playing" and "affording to play", which is more important for these consumers and is obviously available from the TerraLord.   The lifting of Pickup ban prevails. This gives the potential users desiring pickups but flinching before the ban a momentum to buy a pickup. Their purchasing behavior has also contributed to a slow and quiet change in pickup consumption intention - from commercial trucking to cross-country driving and travelling. In the near future, Chinese pickup culture will also be driven by these "playing" owners to take shape and branded with China's unique characteristics.
25 2021/04

ZXAUTO TerraLord, a Home-Made “Tough Guy”,

  According to the industry data, in March 2017, ZXAUTO TerraLord made a good beginning for this spring by selling over 1,000 units monthly and thus ranked among top positions in terms of pickup sales. Since coming into the market, the TerraLord has advanced boldly all the way and occupied a big market share compared to its peers owing to its advantages such as high safety factor, high cost performance and superior configuration. In addition, it has won a lot of support of home consumers. A piece of recent news further demonstrates the TerraLord's outstanding quality, which is absolutely worthy of the title "first choice of 100,000 yuan-level safe car".   Safety is one of the key indicators many consumers would refer to when buying a vehicle. But quite a lot of consumers often hear from others the so-called “safe” pickup types, or judge the vehicle safety by some passive safety features such as door-closing sound (deep and low or not), anti-collision steel bar, and iron sheet thickness. However, in a real accident, whether a vehicle is truly safe or not can be known immediately. Several days ago, a TerraLord pickup crashed into another car in an accident, leading to its heavy head damage, engine hood bulging and gross distortion and rending it almost out of use. In contrast, the head of the TerraLord was slightly damaged and its body remained in good shape to ensure the maximum occupant safety. This accident witnessed the TerraLord's reliable and outstanding quality.   Strong Vehicle Body Ensures Personal Safety   In this serious accident, ZXAUTO TerraLord ensured the maximum occupant safety, to which the greatest contributor is safe body, the last ditch to protect the occupants' life safety.   ZXAUTO TerraLord's 3H high-strength cage body has reached European E-NCAP4 standard and the highest safety level for home-made pickups and offered a highly safe driving/riding environment, with the bending rigidity of 14000 N/mm and the torsional rigidity of 842N•m/rad. Its two-zone safety design boasts the structural feature of a safe body. In a collision, the soft "front energy absorption zone" is used to absorb the impact and to ensure the occupants' living space. The high-strength “cage-like protection zone" can effectively increase the distortion strength of passenger compartment after an impact, and relieve or prevent the occupants from being crushed due to compartment deformation. This design can provide strong cross-country performance and vehicle rigidity for the customer to drive the TerraLord into a broader space, and bring balanced handling performance that contributes to a more comfortable ride.      The panels of ZXAUTO TerraLord are made of 480/590 MPa high-strength steel sheets, between which, if in different thickness, laser welding is used for connection. The doors are an integral punch-formed design, and the window frames under the glass are the combination of high-strength plate beam and inclined anti-collision beam. In addition, the TerraLord's components are provided by world-known suppliers such as Bosch and Fuyao, so the conformity of product quality is ensured from the source.   Scientific Configuration Nips Danger in the Bud   As the saying goes, nine of ten accidents are caused by fast driving and the remaining one by accident. Thus, the first priority of active safety is to nip potential safety hazards in the bud and to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.   The reason that the TerraLord remained in a whole skin in this accident is partly because its active safety features are very outstanding. 360° three-dimensional parking can not only greatly expand the driver's perception towards the surroundings so that the driver is no longer worried about backing, parking in bays and meeting on a narrow lane, but also effectively reduce the bumping and avoid the accidents such as collision and crushing. The latest Bosch 9.1 ABS/EBD provides stable, accurate and resolute braking to efficiently ensure directional stability, to prevent side-slipping and off-tracking, to shorten the braking distance, and to enhance safety on a bend.   Besides, the TerraLord's features such as airbags and tyre pressure monitoring improve the driving safety, reduce the accident probability, and minimize the occupant injuries in a frontal impact. Therefore, the time spent on hammering the body sheets and slamming the doors had better be used for studying these safety features.   With the upgrading of car consumption, the public will pay more and more attention to safety features, as safety is the first. As a pickup type the consumers are confident in, ZXAUTO TerraLord's monthly sales volume over 1,000 units is of significance. ZXAUTO will rely on its unique safety advantage to provide its consumers with safer driving experience and to build a perfect driving life.
25 2021/04

ZXAUTO Leads Homemade Influential Pickup Brands

An approval of the State Council to set every May 10th as "Day of Chinese Brand" indicates the State's resolution to develop homemade brands and to strengthen their market competitiveness and voice. The setting of this day is to, on the one hand, hope that current influential homemade brands can serve as a brand leader to drive the influence of national brands, and on the other hand, to stimulate the consumer's confidence in homemade brands and tap consumption potential by building up the influence of these brands. Speaking of the influence of national pickup brands, it is a must to mention ZXAUTO, a pickup brand with 68-year manufacturing experience. ZXAUTO, the Pioneer of Chinese Pickups, Has the Brand Heritage A Chinese brand is a powerful brand with a higher influence, of which every countryman is proud. In 1986, ZXAUTO independently developed the first Chinese pickup with proprietary intellectual property rights. That year is thereby called by the industry "the first year of Chinese pickup era". So to speak, ZXAUTO is the pioneer of Chinese pickups. In the later several decades, ZXAUTO has always been the national pickup brand people discussed enthusiastically.   ZXAUTO, which is of the same age as our country, has also pushed forward and witnessed the development of homemade pickups - from several generations of prototypes before the birth of homemade pickups, to the first three-wheel lorry, to the later first four-wheel light-duty vehicle, to the final birth of the first homemade pickup. ZXAUTO's shadow can be seen during every product upgrading and technological breakthrough. So to speak, ZXAUTO has carried forward the Pickup spirit of several generations. The 68-year brand history and manufacturing experience have also earned the “pickup family" reputation for ZXAUTO. ZXAUTO also has 26-year export experience while setting one export record after another. In 1996, its export to Iraq set off an export wave. In 2003, its export of 4,000 units in a single order created the "export per order for a single product" record. In 2009, it broke this record by exporting 6,000 units and thus became the No.1 vehicle export brand in China.    Over the years, ZXAUTO has adhered to proprietary intellectual property rights all the time. With the expansion of export scale, it has finally realized the qualitative change from product export to technology export, which turns ZXAUTO into a new milestone in the export field of homemade pickups (and even vehicles). ZXAUTO really deserves the title "export expert". Speaking of national pickup brands, ZXAUTO is obviously the biggest topic and justifiably the most typical example of Chinese brand influence. Technological Innovation Builds TerraLord into the Pickup-Upgrading Leadership The brand leading Chinese brands towards a higher influence as a whole must be at the industrial top level and can seek constant self-transcendence and self-breakthrough. The reason why ZXAUTO, with a 68-year brand history, can stand firmly in the pickup wave as a long-time leader is its control over core technologies and constant technical innovation, which are most visibly reflected in the products. As the typical ZXAUTO product marching from mid-low end market to high-end market, TerraLord carries an Isuzu VM engine based on European technology, same as that of Herdsman jeep and proud of small noise and vibration and perfect handling performance. Its chassis is a genuine cross-country SUV design contributing to high-speed stability, small rolling and confident accelerated overtaking. Its body is a standard European E-NCAP4 design at the domestic highest safety level. In addition, its 360º three-dimensional parking, latest Bosch 9.1 ABS/EBD (standard configuration) and many other performance and configurations are on a par with those of a passenger car. TerraLord is, one the one hand, a strategic product delivered by ZXAUTO's all-round technical upgrading and, on the other hand, a fruit borne in the general trend of consumption upgrading. However, it is justified through the above performance that this product is not just a simple trend follower, but a stimulator and leader of consumption upgrading. Indeed, the setting of "Day of Chinese Brand" indicates the State's resolution to develop homemade brands. But the homemade brands shall go further to consider their responsibilities under the policy. The brands with a bigger influence shall serve as the leader to tackle key technical problems and strengthen their products, thus increasing the influence and consumption potential of homemade brands. The brands with a smaller influence shall pay more attention to their product development and brand strengthening under the policy, rising abruptly based on their accumulated strength to increase their influence.
25 2021/04
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