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The research centre of Hebei Zhongxing Automobile Co.,Ltd includes 150 engineers, including 17 senior researchers and 70 researchers. About 50% of our researchers have more than 10 years of experience related with vehicles.

Our motor research centre is grouped into such departments as chassis, body, appendix, model engineering, design, technical management, program management, etc. Our Research and Development Group works closely with our Marketing Group to make full use of our domestic and foreign resources. We also co-operate with some famous foreign design companies.

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Research And Development

ZXAUTO pays strict attention to new model vehicle research and technology. 1,000,000,000 CNY was invested in Research and Development (2005 figures) We also use three dimensional research software such as CATIA, UG, Alias as well as two dimensional software as AutoCAD, Project, Visio, Office. We posses our own vehicle model study office and coordination system. We also own our own Automated vehicle model development studio and three dimension measuring system. We are able to draw and design the vehicle model, make the full scale models. With our digitilized design process allows us to make three dimensional measurements within our engineering design process. We meet and / or exceed CAE engineering specs.

ZXAUTO's scientific, integrated development process, ensures the high quality of our product line. We have achieved an excellent union between art and engineering, with a continuously innovative conceptual design. Our research models are all finished with a powerful three-dimensional engineering system. We design all of our vehicles and vehicle components. Within our research facilities we build actual full size functional test model vehicles. This allows us to test design specifications in real world conditions, so that our product is of the highest quality that we can deliver to our customers all over the world.


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